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Watch all the videos Apple played today
By Kwame Opam,

Apple truly had one of its biggest events in years at the Flint Center earlier today. But one of the best parts of these unveilings is always the videos the company produces for its new and improved products. With two new iPhones and the Apple Wat…

Meet the iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, and the Apple Watch.

Surprisingly tasty as well! #dousaflavor #lays #wasabiginger

Shockingly not as terrible as I expected! Tastes like cinnamon toast crunch meets a latte. After my tongue relaxed from recoiling in horror, I actually liked this chip more than the mango salsa. Still #savebaconmac #cappuccino #lays #dousaflavor

Was not my favorite flavor. Strong mango flavor sorta made me realize that I should be eating an actual juicy mango instead. #mangosalsa #lays #dousaflavor

Using #Hyperlapse on the #ThrogsNeck #bridge

Using #Hyperlapse at #JFK #airport

Here is a test of my upcoming film podcast, give it a listen and leave comments on how to improve it or what you really liked!


Blue Ivy doing the “Single Ladies” dance is the cutest moment from any awards ceremony.  See more about how the VMAs the whole Carter family together here. 


Nomia iridescens a Bee with colourful abdominal stripes 

This cool bee, scientifically named Nomia iridescens, belongs to the Halictidae Family, a cosmopolitan group commonly referred to as halictid bees and sweat bees.

Nomia iridescens is a conspicuously banded bee with amazing neon-green stripes, which occurs in southeast Asia (India, Borneo, Peninsular malaysia, Philippines).

Sweat bees, play a vital role in the pollination ecology of a region. By having  a wide range of adaptational capabilities, these inhabit all kind of ecological niches both in tropical and temperate regions. In number and kind these anthophilic insects (attracted to flowers) surpass all other bees and thus are mainly responsible for conserving the vegetation germplasm by pollinating a bewildering variety of wild and cultivated entomophilic flora.

References: [1] - [2] - [3] - [4]

Photo credit: ©Paul Bertner | Locality: Mt. Isarog National Park, Philippines (2014) | [Top] - [Middle] - [Bottom]

(via romancingthelookyloos)

I just unlocked the The Simpsons FXX Marathon: 1 Episode Watched sticker on tvtag

61 others have also unlocked the The Simpsons FXX Marathon: 1 Episode Watched sticker on tvtag

Congratulations, you’ve checked in to one episode! Enjoy this custom sticker from The Simpsons and have fun watching the marathon! Oh, and don’t forget to hydrate. Share this one proudly. It’s from our friends at FXX.

I’m stunned and saddened.

The best way to celebrate this fake holiday, with a history book on the half-shell. #happyoysterday

How Howard the Duck crashed Guardians of the Galaxy’s opening weekend
Alex Abad-Santos,

On a weekend where Guardians of the Galaxy raked in a monstrous $94 million, people can’t stop talking about a humanoid avian character that appears in less than a minute of the 122-minute blockbuster. Here’s a brief guide to the most…

He’s back! How a massively loathed 1980’s Marvel movie character suddenly resurrected his popularity this weekend